TTR’s Youth Development Team is focused on general athletic development.  The program is based around fun and developing a well rounded young person. We encourage our kids to continue to participate in other sports in addition to ours.  We do not want kids this age focused in one area but rather having fun and continuing to develop life skills and general athletic ability that will serve them in whatever athletic direction they go in the future.

Practice Schedule & Locations

The youth team practices 2-4 sessions/week.  Training sessions could be anything from swim practice, run practice, bike practice, or strength and conditioning work.  We have a wide variety of sessions with our youth team to keep it fun and progressive.

Practices could be at a number of different locations depending on the training for that day.  For details on training locations please reach out to us.

Once signed up you will get weekly notifications updating you on practice times and locations.  You will also have access to the schedule via the TTR App.  Please download our app on the app store for IOS or Android.  This is where you will be able to see the team schedule, view your membership discounts, and much more.

Fee Structure

  • Annual Fee – $125/year
  • Monthly Fee – $100/month

All TTR teams have an annual fee of $125/year.  This fee covers all the swag each athlete is given along with one annual racing license.

The youth team fee is $100/month and is on a rolling 30 day contract meaning when you cancel your membership your effective last day will be 30 days from that cancellation date.  See below for a list of things included with the monthly fee.

Whats included!
  • 2-4 coached training sessions per week
  • programming focussed on general athletic development
  • close attention paid to each athlete to ensure quality development
  • access to TTR Human Performance Center
  • team swag examples: water bottle, t-shirt, stickers, and so on
  • discounts from team sponsors
  • a great team environment