Shawn Wierick - Founder of TTR

Shawn, born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, has been an avid soccer player &  runner for most of his life.  He began playing soccer as soon as he was able to walk and continued playing throughout his college years at John Brown University.  He began competitive running in 9th grade and has continued since then.  During  his undergraduate years, Shawn studied Biology and Chemistry where he earned  his Bachelor’s Degree.  He then continued with his academic career earning 2 more degrees, a Master’s of Science in Leadership & Ethics, as well as a Master’s of Business Administration.  his thirst for knowledge and academic achievement is still evident today as he continues his pursuit of a PhD in Exercise Science.  Though he enjoys the thrill of competition, he finds himself competing less these days as his focus has shifted to coaching his athlete t new levels of achievement.  Shawns favorite past time is spending quality time with his wife Debra, his boys Logan & Liam, and this pups Jada & Roxie.