The mission of Triple Threat Racing is to develop an unyielding work ethic along with a sense of commitment and balance in our athletes through the sport of triathlon. We will utilize cutting edge technology and training strategies to enable our athletes to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Triple Threat Racing will create an enjoyable and positive environment in which our athletes will thrive.


Triple Threat Racing is an elite triathlon team composed of athletes age 7 through adult. We began as a USA Triathlon High Performance Youth and Junior Elite Team. Currently, there are only twenty-two High Performance Teams in the United States. The goal of these teams is to develop well-rounded athletes capable of success at the World Cups, World Championships, and Olympic Games. Triple Threat Racing will produce top youth and junior, age group, collegiate, elite and Olympic athletes.

Building on our original High Performance Youth and Junior Team, Triple Threat Racing has evolved to include adults also. We have a broad spectrum of athletes ranging from recreational to professional. Our professional triathletes compete in all of the various formats of racing: draft and non-draft racing, sprint through Ironman distance. Through our success in the sport, constant innovation and development of triathlon, Triple Threat Racing will be a key player in the sport.