Andrew Gryder - Strength & Conditioning

Andrew began his professional career in fitness in 2014 when he became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Counsel on Exercise.

Andrew loves taking on new challenges and has worked with a wide range of individuals from sedentary to college and professional athletes.

His passion started young. Andrew played any sport he could get his hands on including baseball, basketball, football, track, golf, tennis,  water sports, and more. Through this experience he developed a great understanding of everything it takes to be a well rounded athlete and started developing lifting and strength programs for friends and family long before his professional career began.

Andrew enjoys exercise, mountain biking, pretty much anything outdoors, and spending time with his friends and family.

He continues his passion through coaching and education. With an interest in human performance he has earned specialty certifications in Sports Conditioning (targeting agility, balance, coordination, and speed) and Orthopedic Exercise(Post-Orthopedic Rehabilitation).

Training Options with Andrew

Private Strength & Conditioning
  • 2- Sessions per week – $320/month
  • 3- Sessions per week – $450/month
  • 4- Sessions per week – $560/month
  • 5- Sessions per week – $640/month
Whats Included!
  • Goal specific training
  • One-on-one personal sessions
  • Coach contact as needed
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Body measurements
  • Periodized progression testing

– This option is for the athlete that only wishes to have monthly one-on-one sessions, and who is prepared to self-coach using their own training plan.

Functional Fitness Class – $75/month
Whats included!
  • Monday-Friday 6am
  • Functional high intensity training
  • Strength training/lifting
  • Hands on instruction
  • Periodized progression testing

  • Certified ACE Personal Trainer
  • Certified in Sports Conditioning
  • Certified in Orthopedic Exercise (Post-Orthopedic Rehabilitation)