Triple Threat Racing Youth Running Camp

Flagstaff, AZ | June 2 - June 9, 2020



June 2 – June 9, 2020


Flagstaff, AZ


$1,425 | Early Bird Rate **Payment plan available**

$1,625 | Regular Rate

$1,825 | Late Registration

TTR members receive a 10-15% discounted rate!


Private Home

This trip includes a maximum of 19 youth athletes, so reserve your trip while you can!

Camp officially begins the morning of June 2nd when we depart for Flagstaff, AZ. Youth athletes will experience first hand how to travel as athletes and maintain healthy, balanced eating with our team Registered Dietitian, Nick Fischer. All meals and drinks will be provided for the duration of the trip. New this year…our team massage therapist, Amy Randolph, will be traveling with us!  Athletes will learn how to take their pre and post workout game to a new level to ensure better recovery and adaptation. Our entire first day of camp will be spent on the road traveling to Flagstaff.  We will stop at various locations throughout the drive to “shake out” the legs and enjoy our on-the-road meals.  Each day will entail a quality training session or two followed by some recovery work and free (fun) time. And as always, there will be delicious food specially prepared by the youth themselves under the guidance of Nick!  In addition to the training, nutrition, and recovery work, we will take some time to visit Northern Arizona University while in the area.  The athletes will leave camp having gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding nutrition, training, and recovery.  As always, have your questions ready, so we can cover as much information as possible throughout the week!

**Payment plan option is available through September 25th at lowest price.  TTR members receive a 10% discount for this option.**


Flagstaff, Arizona (grand canyon)

The Grand Canyon is a proving ground for athletes. Between the two rims lies a literal gauntlet to be run. Trails here offer the potential for more than two vertical miles of gain within a day—a novelty that is simply not possible most places in the world.

We will have daily hands-on lessons from Registered Sports Dietitian Nick Fischer. The athletes will learn how to prepare delicious meals that are nutrient dense. Topics covered will be day-to-day nutrition, sports nutrition, how nutrition affects your training and racing, and nutrient timing for performance and recovery.  Learn more about Nick Fischer >

We are excited to welcome our team licensed massage therapist, Amy Randolph, to this camp!  She will help educate the kids on how to better care for soft tissue and the different modalities for soft tissue work including self massage, rolling, active/passive release techniques, and professional massage.  All have a place in the athletes’ lives and Amy will help them understand how.


  • Trail running
  • Track workouts
  • TRX workouts
  • Recovery sessions
  • Mountain activities
  • Nutrition lessons from our Registered Sports Dietitian
  • All meals provided
  • Goodies from our sponsors
  • Lessons from our Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Coaching for all activities
  • Lodging in a private home in Flagstaff
  • Trail running at the Grand Canyon
  • Training in iconic locations



Shawn Wierick – Head Coach

Shawn, born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, has been an avid soccer player and runner for most of his life. He began playing soccer as soon as he was able to walk and continued playing throughout his college years at John Brown University.  He began competitive running in 9th grade and has continued since then.  During his undergraduate years, Shawn studied Biology and Chemistry at John Brown where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree. He furthered his scholastic career earning two more degrees, a Masters of Science in Leadership and Ethics, as well as, a Masters of Business Administration. His thirst for knowledge and academic achievement is still evident today as he continues his pursuit of a PhD in Exercise Science.  Though he enjoys the thrill of competition, he finds himself competing less these days as his focus has shifted to coaching his athletes to new levels of achievement.

Along with his academic achievements, Shawn has earned highly accredited coaching certificates from USATF (USA Track & Field) and IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations). His striving for excellence has earned him the USATF Level III certificate, as well as, the IAAF Level V certificate, making him one of only a select group of individuals in the world to receive this distinction. A self-taught swimmer and cyclist, he also holds the USAT (USA Triathlon) Level II certificate, the ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association) Level II certificate and the USAC (USA Cycling) Level II certificate. Throughout his career, he has had the honor of coaching all levels of athletes, from beginners to elite professionals.

Since its creation in 2012, Triple Threat Racing has been Shawn’s passion, reaching athletes across the nation.

Debra Wierick – Administration, Assistant Coach

Debra grew up playing multiple sports and has continued that tradition throughout her life. She has always been an avid runner & enjoys training more than competitions. However, she has a solid race resume thus far. She found her way to triathlon through cycling, which she began in late 2013.

Her first multisport event was Iron Pig Duathlon in 2014 and she was immediately hooked. Since then she has completed several sprints as well as two half Ironman events (Border Wars & Steelhead) & two Ironman events (Los Cabos & Chattanooga). Her plans are to continue training, stay fit, and participate in whatever events her husband randomly signs her up for.

Debra’s real passion is spending time with her family, staying active through new adventures, and traveling; to races & just for fun. She is married to Shawn Wierick. They have 2 boys, Logan & Liam, and two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Jada & Roxie.

Nick Fischer – Head Registered Dietitian

Nick Fischer is a Registered Dietitian with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Seton Hill University. His passion for health, nutrition and fitness led him to develop Fischer Nutrition, where he provides nutritional education and planning to those looking for nutritional and dietary guidance.

Another aspect of Fischer Nutrition is to provide nutritional education in the Greensburg community by participating in fundraising events; providing athlete, team and business counseling; writing nutrition articles for Flat Tire Co., a local bike shop and event production company, and organizing healthy cooking demonstrations with local Farmer’s Markets.

Nick not only has a passion for nutrition but also for fitness. He leads group bike rides and is organizing a youth and beginner bicycling class to educate people on safe and ethical riding with Flat Tire Co. and is a competitive racer for Freddie Fu Cycling Team.