Noah McMurtrey – Class of 2021


My name is Noah McMurtrey. I am a 15 year old runner with Triple Threat Racing. I currently am also a sophomore at Bentonville West Highschool. I was born in Fayetteville Arkansas and was raised in various places throughout Northwest Arkansas, but right now I live in Bentonville.

I began running the summer of my 8th grade year for my school’s cross country team. I originally joined just so I had a sport to play after not making my school’s basketball team. I was a beginner to the sport when it came to running that season but I found it to be very fun and exciting. So after that cross country season I made the decision to join Triple Threat. Our coach, Shawn, began training me and improving my fitness. We quickly saw results as I progressively got faster running with them. I have now been on the team for two years.

Outside of running, I love to play basketball at our local gym and with my friends. Another thing I love to do is watch movies on Netflix and in the the theater.  I focus a great deal on school as well. I get all As and Bs and take multiple accelerated classes. One of my favorite subjects is biology. Another thing i’m very passionate about is my faith. I’m a strong Christian and I am involved in our local church. I have been a student leader for 2 years, teaching kids of various grade levels. I am also part of a small group with kids my age.

After high school, I plan on attending college. I would like to run for a D1 school and be competitive in races. I am interested in majoring in Bio-chemistry. I plan on attending all four years and graduating. Afterwards I think it would be cool to run professionally before finding a career in coaching running.

I would like to thank God and everyone who has helped me through life’s journey so far. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store and what plans God has for me.

Class 2021
GPA 4.0
800m 2:09.78
1500m 4:22.88
2k SC 7:00.09
3000m 9:33.05
5000m 17:28.90 (XC)