Dawson Welch

Hi, my name is Dawson Welch, and I will be going into the 8th grade. For 8th grade I am going to be taking advanced classes, Spanish, honor choir, and cross country/track. I am well known as a runner, but I love to cook and play basketball all the time.

My running career had all started when I was in the third grade. I had heard about the Shaw Elementary Color Run. Since I was always a energetic child this seemed interesting to me. I learned that the race was a 5k, 3.1 miles long. Going into my “training” I assumed that this was going to be no problem. Little did I know this was easier said then done. I didn’t train much. I didn’t think about it much. I didn’t care about it much. My last week before the race I went on a run with a older girl that was also doing the 5k. That day we went exactly 3.1 miles. My confidence had boosted up and I finished my race at 26 minutes!

Fast Forwarding into the 6th grade the school heard I was a decent runner, they picked me up for a couple practices and tested me against the older kids. I climbed up to the fastest group known as A group, and the upcoming week we were going to do a 2 mile time trial. I ended up running a 15:16. Since it was closing in on the end of summer, I was told that I couldn’t train with school because of different reasons. Therefore, me and my mom found I could train Triple Threat for the school year. It was a decent year for me at this new club I was a bit nervous and the workouts were tough. My times had dropped, but, I still wasn’t fast enough. So I started to break down, telling myself I wasn’t good enough.Heading into track season I tricked my brain into believing I had the talent and determination to be the best.

Heading into my 2017-2018 running season, I knew it was going to be a good one. I went into the cross country season with great runners and races ahead of me. This put me in a great spot where I had to work to keep up. My time the year before in Chili Pepper had been 19:56, I lowered this time to 17:42. Soon after, I went into the indoor track season and ran a new mile record of 4:58! I found pleasure in beating the competition and lowering my personal best times. Later, I came across the outdoor track season. I had many school meets to attend, which caused less practice. However, despite the fact that there was so many unattended practices, I still lowered my times from 5:19 to 4:44.

I feel like all this has happened because of those who have helped me. My friends, family, coaches, my competition, and my lord and savior. I know that I will keep pushing forward with more determination to become an even better runner throughout my future.

Class 2023
GPA 4.0
800m 2:13.75
1500m 4:22.19
1600m 4:46.46
1 Mile 4:44.63
3000m 9:38.44
5000m (XC) 17:42.70