AC Macartney – Class of 2020

Hello, my name is A.C. Macartney. I am a fifteen year old runner, who will be entering his second year of high school in the fall. I first got into running in seventh grade with my school’s cross country team about two years ago and quickly fell in love with the sport. I started running for Triple Threat Racing in March of 2016 looking for a new challenge . . .  and found one. As a member of Triple Threat Racing I have learned the importance of dedication and found my passion/love for the unique sport of mid-distance running.

Running is unlike any sport I have competed in before. In running, your progression depends solely on how hard you are willing to work. I know at the start of every workout and race that when I step onto the track or trail my results rely on how hard I am willing to push myself during my run. I think that’s the reason I love running so much, because it rewards those who are willing to work hard and be persistent.

I have never been one to shy away from hard work. Whether in the classroom or on the track, I am always searching for the next challenge. This drive to always find life’s next challenge and my desire to put in the work needed to overcome it have led me to always be the first to raise his hand and the last to call it quits. I think it is this internal drive mixed with my pure stubbornness not to fail and my overly ambitious “go getter” personality that I can accredit my accomplishments in both athletics and academia.

In 2014 I became a member of the Duke Tip scholar program, gave two lectures on urban segregation, and organized a charity run that raised over three thousand dollars for glaucoma. In 2015 I was selected out of 800 plus students to attend the NWA Holocaust Conference. In 2016 I competed at the Coaches Invitational National Cross Country Championship and the USATF Cross Country National Championship. And though 2017 has just begun, I was selected to be one of 8 students from our area to attend the National Environmental and Spatial Technology Conference.

Class 2020
GPA 4.0
800m 2:10.65
1500m 4:26.88
1600m 4:45.80
3000m 9:41.90
4000m 16:33.42
5000m 17:39.20
2k SC 7:21.31