Since becoming a new member of Triple Threat Racing Club, my training experience with Shawn has been absolutely fantastic. From Learning the basics of swimming to completing my first tri has been very fulfilling. I continue to improve with a training program that fits my busy work schedule. Losing weight and learning new skills provides a feeling of renewal. The respect and support from Shawn and the members of Triple Threat Racing has been tremendous. Regardless of your skill level, I highly recommend Shawn-he is the best! He makes fitness fun.~ Dan WrittEntrepreneur

Two years ago, I was ready to quit triathlon. I had no specific goals or direction, I was bored with training, and I was getting slower. Instead, I hired Shawn as my coach and everything changed. He has helped me to become stronger and faster and I've had a blast doing it. He's challenged me to do things I would not have thought possible and I can't thank him enough for it. Being a member of Triple Threat Racing has been about much more than triathlon for me; I've had incredible opportunities and experiences and made amazing friends along the way.~ Kate LandisOptometrist

The Triple Threat experience has been second to none. Not only is the coaching well thought out and progressive, but the team support and encouragement of peers have made a tremendous impact in my season's results. The Triple Threat mission and principles are perfectly balanced in what I feel is the true meaning of the words "Passion, Performance, Respect".~ Kristi RogersMaximum Performance

Shawn has taught me to "believe and achieve". That anything is possible and nothing is out of reach. There are no limits to development as l don't impose them on myself. Building a strong foundation, discipline, and execution I am rising to levels I never thought possible. I have seen the lives he has changed through both youth and adults, and the awesome transformation so many people have achieved. The results are astounding. Attend a race and you will see the podium always covered with Triple Threat Racing. If you want to train and race wight the best from a mental, physical, and with the highest class people TTR is without a doubt the way to go.~ Doug DrummondsJB Hunt